32 Piece Make Up Brush Set with a Carrying Case

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32-Piece Professional Makeup Brush Set with Soft Case

        The day when a girl grows up is the day she could put on her own make-up. Cosmetics help women every day build up their self-confidence to look & feel great!


      This set of professional burshes will make every girl's dream come true!


  • Size(folded): 25*16*3(cm)
  • Size(unfolded): 72*26(cm)
  • Quantity: 32
  • Brush Handle: Wood handles and Aluminum ferrules 

    Brush Type Brush Includes Brush Length Brush Hair Material Brush Hair Size
    Blender Brush 1*Power Brush 20cm Goat Hair 5cm(L) x 9cm(W)
    Foundation Brush 1*big Brush 21.5cm Goat Hair 5cm(L) x 6cm(W)
    1*small Brush 20.6cm 4cm(L) x 5cm(W)
    Lip Brush 1*big Brush 19cm synthetic fiber 1.3cm(L) x 0.5cm(W)
    2*middle Brush 18.8cm 1.1cm(L) x 0.3cm(W)
    1*small Brush 18.6cm 1cm(L) x 0.2cm(W)
    Blush Brush 1*big Brush 21cm synthetic fiber 4.2cm(L) x 5.2cm(W)
    2*middle Brush 20cm 4cm(L) x 5cm(W)
    1*small Brush 19.5cm 3.9cm(L) x 4.8cm(W)
    Eyebrow Brush 1*big Brush 17.5cm synthetic fiber 0.7cm(L) x 0.8cm(W)
    2*middle Brush 17.8cm 0.7cm(L) x 0.7cm(W)
    1*small Brush 17.4cm 0.6cm(L) x 0.4cm(W)
    Eyeshadow Brush 3*big Brush 19cm Goat hair 1.3cm(L) x 1.4cm(W)
    5*middle Brush 18.2cm 1.2cm(L) x 1.4cm(W)
    4*small Brush 18cm 1cm(L) x 1cm(W)
    Eyeliner Brush 1*big Brush 18.2cm Synthetic fiber 0.6cm(L) x 0.6cm(W)
    1*small Brush 17.5cm 0.8cm(L) x 0.6cm(W)
    Eye Smudge Brush 1*big Brush 18.2cm Synthetic fiber 1.2cm(L) x 0.9cm(W)
    1*middle Brush 18cm 1.2cm(L) x 0.8cm(W)
    1*small Brush 18cm 1.2cm(L) x 0.7cm(W)
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